The Pioneer Pathway

Welcome to the Pioneer Pathway

If you are ready to go deeper and step forward to help others, this is the path for you. It includes tools to develop your Intuition turning ‘ I don’t know ‘ into ‘ I Am ‘, connecting more deeply with universal energies, claiming your purpose effectively and using a spiritual code to help create community again.
Are you willing to change the world?


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Are You A Pioneer?

The Pioneer Pathway in the EIP Members Club is the third of the 3 levels. It’s where we go deeper into our spiritual connection and step forward to serve and assist others. Here you’ll have access to all the courses, meditations, tools and tips in the EIP Members Club as well as John’s Talks for 2021, 2020 & 2019. You can also participate in the Moon Cycle Meditations. If you’re willing to change the world, step onto the Pioneer Pathway and explore all the courses it offers.

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Have You Discovered The Wisdom of John’s Talks?

John is a wise and loving Being whose monthly spiritual guidance offers insights and understanding in a non-judgmental manner given with love, compassion and an often delightful sense of humour. Here’s a short extract from July 2021:

‘If you want to change a system, look at how you can improve it not destroy it. When you destroy something that people have been accustomed to, almost taken for granted and you put in place something alien, those people become lost and therefore easily manipulated. It’s time to revive your sense of self, to revive your understanding of who you are, where you are and when you see or read or hear of others standing against the cloning of people by taking away their sense of identity, it’s about affirming their position or creating amongst your own colleagues, friends, family – your own tribe – that stands for improving what is, not destroying what is.’

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Would You Like To Offer Healing To Others?

Learn how to work with others in this video-based module using a spiritual healing method. You will learn how to set this up, the techniques to be used in a variety of ways and aids you can offer others on their path.

Working with Groups

These are 2 groups you can join within the wider community where you can offer healing in a group to the planet and all who live on it. John Harmony 21st meets monthly and The Healing Circle meets weekly. Click on the images for more information.

Are You A Pioneer?

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The EIP Members Club is a brilliant resource.  I love doing the meditations, practical courses and exercises and feel its the key to understanding life, the universe and everything.

Mary Anne, New Zealand