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By day I am an Accountant & Mentor assisting businesses and people overcome their challenges so everything can flow more smoothly. Overall, I am passionate about all things life & practical, understanding energy, cause & effect and all that makes up our miraculous journey on this planet, within this universe. I love the Seven Spiritual Truths,I don’t like peas and I don’t like cold weather – which to me means anything below 22* C.

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They say that curiosity killed the cat but for me, it was the catalyst that set me off exploring the intuitive pathway that I still walk today. I’m a student of the Seven Spiritual Truths, a lover of astrology (with a soft spot for the Moon) a big fan of wine and an expert in talking. Actually if I had a motto, it would be

Orla Breeze – using more words than necessary since 1972!


Many years ago, I took Helen Barton’s Beyond 2012 workshop in Hong Kong. I thought it was an academic course. I didn’t expect that it would actually kick off my spiritual journey! A decade later I am still exploring!

I love working with the Tarot, mentoring and helping people relax and align.

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About the EIP Members Club

  • The EIP Members Club is open to everyone and anyone who is interested in exploring their unique intuitive journey no matter where they are on that journey.
  • This Membership site was originally created by Helen & Tony Barton and shares courses, resources, meditations, tools and tips developed and taught by them worldwide over the course of 40 years.
  • The EIP Members Club manages these courses, resources, tools, tips and meditations for Insight Teachings. However please note that Insight Teachings and EIP are 2 completely different organisations.
  • If you have a general enquiry about Insight Teachings, click here to contact them.
  • Members choose which courses they wish to work with and do so at their own pace and in their own time.
  • It is a safe space where each member can work with and be guided by their intuition as they walk their own intuitive pathway.
  • John’s Talks from 2019, 2020 and 2021 are only hosted in the EIP Members Club. However, their home remains as always with Helen at Insight Teachings. Therefore, if you have any questions around John’s Talks or John’s Talks Club, please contact Insight Teachings directly.
  • As we develop and grow this Membership site, we will be offering new courses and content as well as opportunities for people to share, talk, and discuss what they are getting out of all that is available to them here.
  • The Members Club Lounges periodically offer gatherings for each of the 3 Pathways to talk about what’s on the path as opposed to debating what’s in it.
  • EIP only promotes the services of John the Beloved, Helen Barton, Tony Barton and the Exploring Intuitive Pathways Team. We don’t promote any third-party services or individuals.
  • Third parties are free to share any links to EIP and its offerings that are within the public domain with others.
  • Any collaboration between members of the EIP Members Club must take place outside of Exploring Intuitive Pathways. EIP bears no responsibility for nor participates in any external collaborations