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Welcome to a space where you can explore your spirituality, work with your intuition, and discover more of who you are freely and at your own pace. And help others along the way. You’ll find a treasure trove of practical spiritual courses, resources and like-minded people in our membership site the EIP Members Club.

Are you searching for something more?

Do you want to develop your intuition and go deeper to find your purpose?

Would you like to learn how to use energy effectively for yourself and others?

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The EIP Members Club is our membership site and offers practical spiritual courses on all you need for either your personal journey or to work with and help others. There are 3 Pathways – Explorer, Intuitive & Pioneer. Whether you are a beginner, have developed to a certain degree, or are a professional, you can begin exploring and developing your unique intuitive pathway.

Are you an Explorer, an Intuitive or a Pioneer?

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The Explorer Pathway is where you learn all you need to build a solid spiritual foundation for your own unique pathway. Here you will find courses such as Energy and You, 4 Ways to Identify your Purpose, How to Journal and more. If you’re searching for something more, here’s where you open the door!

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On the Intuitive Pathway you can learn how your spiritual connection works,and develop a clear understanding of your strengths and how to develop them. Most importantly, you can explore how your intuition talks to you with courses like 11 Steps to Anchor & Connect to your Knowing, 7 Rays – Music, Hugs & Spirit and more!

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The Pioneer Pathway takes you deeper into understanding energy and how to use it effectively for self and others. Your purpose and how you claim it, determines the next steps for you to take. Here you can develop Healing, understand how your Elements impact your path, access the wisdom of John the Beloved through his monthly teachings and more!

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If this is something you’d like to dive into and explore further, you’re invited to a no obligation 7-Day Free Trial of the EIP Members Club with all of its spiritual courses and resources. Explore and enjoy to your heart’s content! It’s as simple as clicking the button below and if you have any questions, please feel free to contact us!

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I look forward to the downloadable monthly John’s Talks and the themed guided meditations for each New and Full Moon that offers yet another dimension to learn and work with the energies. The EIP Members Club is a gift for anyone, whether to begin or to enrich their growth personally and to uncover more of what meets the eye.

Karen, Hong Kong